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New Proposal Aims to Make Cryptocurrencies Legal in Ukraine

Various countries around the world are currently in the process of either regulating or banning cryptocurrencies. It seems there is no middle ground in this regard, although nothing has been set in stone yet in most parts of the world. Over in Ukraine, the parliament seems to be open-minded when it comes to Bitcoin and altcoins. A new law has been drafted there which would legalize cryptocurrency, just like Japan has done. …
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Dutch Government Drafts Law To Ban Smartphone Usage While Riding A Bike

The growing adoption of smartphone usage in everyday life is starting to influence decisions made by governments all over the world. Over in The Netherlands, a new draft law is being prepared which will effectively ban smartphone usage while riding a bicycle. Internal research unveiled that using this device while on the road is a grave cause for concern. Riding A Bike With A Smartphone Is An Offense It has …
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German Draft Law Can Effectively End Online and Offline Consumer Privacy

Privacy rights seem very difficult to come by in this day and age of regulatory scrutiny. Even though Germany has always respected user privacy above anything else, this  will come to change moving forward. And interior ministry draft law would no longer offer consumers the right to know what type of information is being collected by third parties. Moreover, video surveillance would become greenlit on a national level, which is …
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