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CoinOffering Uses Smart Contracts To Issue Company Shares As Ethereum Tokens

Many exciting things are taking place in the blockchain ecosystem right now. CoinOffering is the first company that will issue its shares as Ethereum tokens. This Marshall Islands-registered company is not confined to the online space either, as they operate in the legal field as well. Additionally, other companies can use their service to use Ethereum smart contracts for various corporate functions. CoinOffering Is Keen on Ethereum Smart Contracts Although …
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Peerplays Open Sources Automated Blockchain-based Distribution Model

The Peerplays protocol is quite an interesting one to keep an eye on for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. This gaming platform has been focusing on using blockchain technology by creating an open-source fee sharing module. Any Graphene-based blockchain can distribute profits directly to its token holders. No more need for intermediary services or platforms, the way it should be done. Peerplays Introduces Automatic fee-Sharing Distribution With the growing demand and support …
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