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Samsung Electronics Looks To Split Into Different Divisions

In a surprising turn of events, Samsung Electronics is contemplating whether or not the company should split into different divisions. Such a division would serve an apparent purpose, as the founding family members would strengthen their position on the smartphone arm of Samsung. Moreover, the split could eventually boost shareholder value, although that is still a bit early to tell. Splitting Samsung Electronics Into Different Entities The split of the …
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Resilience  –  a decentralized taxation system for free market taxation

Why would the community want to inject government theft into a crypto-currency? – SeemedGood How is this theft? The whole “taxes = theft” argument falls apart if there doesn’t exist some apparatus that is enforcing taxation through violence or the threat thereof — where do you see a threat of violence in this system? –MemeticParadigm In 2003, Ryan Fugger invented an algorithm that calculated the shortest path for payments in a P2P …
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