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4 Indicators Bitcoin has Been Distributed More Evenly Since 2017

There are always interesting discussions going on when it comes to Bitcoin. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has a very intriguing distribution scheme, albeit one that looks very different from what most people might expect. It is believed over 19 million BTC addresses own $1 worth of Bitcoin or more, which further shows the distribution of this currency is a lot more widespread than people assume. The Growing $1 Club It …
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Eight In Ten Bitcoins Are Distributed Fairly

Many people often wonder how the existing supply for Bitcoin is distributed. There were some miners in the early days who hold tens of thousands of BTC. However, some wallets have been lost or corrupted, and not all of the stored funds will be made accessible again. According to Bitcoin Rich List, the distribution of Bitcoin is not overly unbalanced. Bitcoin Is Distributed In An Interesting Manner Some people will …
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Peerplays Open Sources Automated Blockchain-based Distribution Model

The Peerplays protocol is quite an interesting one to keep an eye on for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. This gaming platform has been focusing on using blockchain technology by creating an open-source fee sharing module. Any Graphene-based blockchain can distribute profits directly to its token holders. No more need for intermediary services or platforms, the way it should be done. Peerplays Introduces Automatic fee-Sharing Distribution With the growing demand and support …
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