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DASH Continues Upward Trend Across Bitcoin and Monero Markets

Although not too many people are paying attention to DASH right now, the cryptocurrency seems to be holding its own with relative ease. The value has gone up slightly over the past 24 hours, trading volume is doing well, and the Monero market has overtaken the CNY trading pair. Exciting things abound in the DASH space, by the look of things. DASH Is Trucking Along At Its Own Pace Things …
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DASH Price Remains Resilient Despite Lackluster Trading Volume

It has been a bit quiet on the DigitalCash front as of late, but don’t be mistaken in thinking people lost interest in DASH all of a sudden. The cryptocurrency is still going strong to this very day, and there is plenty of volume to go around. Bitcoin, as well as other crypto and fiat currencies, are still bringing in a lot of trading action every day. Traders Still Exchange …
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