DASH Continues Upward Trend Across Bitcoin and Monero Markets

Although not too many people are paying attention to DASH right now, the cryptocurrency seems to be holding its own with relative ease. The value has gone up slightly over the past 24 hours, trading volume is doing well, and the Monero market has overtaken the CNY trading pair. Exciting things abound in the DASH space, by the look of things.

DASH Is Trucking Along At Its Own Pace

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Things have been quiet around DASH lately, as the cryptocurrency is rarely named in the big debates regarding cryptocurrency. That is quite strange since this altcoin has a very strong development team and some exciting features that provide additional anonymity. Moreover, there is a very loyal community, which continues to keep on growing.

But when we look at the DASH trading markets, it is apparent there is a lot of positive action going on. Bitcoin remains the biggest trading pair for this alternative cryptocurrency, albeit it can be traded against other currencies as well. The USD Market is quite strong in its regard, and there is a bit of interest from China as well.

Speaking of trading markets, though, it is well worth noting Monero is showing a strong trading volume against DASH. So much even that it has surpassed the CNY market, albeit the difference between the two is less than 20 DASH at the time of writing. Both markets are well behind the USD trading pair, though, which generates nearly four times as much volume.

Although BitTrex used to be the primary exchange for DASH trading at some point in the past, the platform has been overtaken by both Poloniex and Exmo. Despite this change, BitTrex still brings in over 10% of daily DASH volume, making it a valuable entry point into the world of alternative cryptocurrencies.

What most people are interested in, however, is whether or not the DASH price is going up. So far, that seems to be the case, with a near 3% gain in the past 24 hours. Despite the focus on both Bitcoin and Ethereum by most people, DigitalCash is doing very well in its own right, and it remains one of the top altcoins in existence today.

Source: CryptoCompare

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