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China’s Digital Yuan is a Trojan Horse With Plenty of Potential Repercussions

The global focus continues to shift toward China’s digital currency plans. Despite a genuine lack of information, it certainly poses many different threats.  Rumors regarding a digital yuan have persisted for years now. China’s Digital Yuan is More Than Just a CBDC Only a few months ago, it became apparent this was more truth than fiction after all. The Chinese government is banking big on blockchain. One of the potential …
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China’s Digital Yuan Could be Pseudonymous Like Bitcoin

A lot of eyes are on the Chinese central bank. The institution has confirmed it will launch a digital yuan “soon’, and some more details have come to light this week.  Creating a new stablecoin pegged to the yuan will not be an easy feat. Especially if that yuan continues to be devalued by the Chinese central bank every so often. The Digital Yuan Might be Pseudonymous That said, the …
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