China’s Digital Yuan is a Trojan Horse With Plenty of Potential Repercussions

The global focus continues to shift toward China’s digital currency plans. Despite a genuine lack of information, it certainly poses many different threats. 

Rumors regarding a digital yuan have persisted for years now.

China’s Digital Yuan is More Than Just a CBDC

Only a few months ago, it became apparent this was more truth than fiction after all.

The Chinese government is banking big on blockchain.

One of the potential use cases is to create a tokenized yuan.

It will become the first central bank digital currency to make any impact.

Under the hood, this digital yuan makes use of a private distributed ledger controlled by the PBoC.

If successful, this currency can genuinely threaten traditional banking.

Moreover, the digital yuan makes the floating exchange rate system rather obsolete. 

China is allegedly trying to get rid of the US Dollar as well.

All of this makes the digital yuan a wrecking ball worth keeping a close eye on.

In this modern era, legacy systems need to evolve or crumble.

China’s warning shot seems to hint at how the latter outcome may be more likely to occur.

With other countries exploring CBDCs as well, the next few years may prove rather crucial.

Dethroning the US as the financial powerhouse of the world is not impossible by any means.