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Real Gold Can Now Be Digitalized for the Crypto Market

Gold has historically been a reserve currency for many countries and an important wealth metric for economies. Today, it still plays an important role in each of these factors, but the issue of digitization of the precious metal has been rather slow and mostly confined to long-term storage solutions and not transactions themselves. With the advent of blockchain technology and distribution ledgers, bullion traders, investors and exchange companies have been …
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We Asked 10 ICOs Why They Decided to Issue a Token. These Are Their Responses

Initial coin offerings have become very popular over these past few months. Dozens of new projects attempt to raise money every single month. We asked a few ICO teams why they decided to take this particular approach rather than┬áseek VC investment. Their answers are pretty interesting to take note of. 10. CrowdWiz Co-Founder Slavena Savcheva “Up until now, it wasn’t possible for people like you and me to participate in …
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