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Komodo Delays Monaize Public dICO Launch Due to GUI Discrepancy

The Monaize public dICO launch has been delayed. This ecosystem is backed by the Komodo infrastructure, and it seems some problems arose during a recent stress test.  Monaize dICO Postponed It is always good to see developers acknowledge their project may not be without flaws. When issues arise, teams need to address them immediately, rather than launch a half-baked project regardless. Even though Monaize recently underwent a public testing round, no real problems were …
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What Is the dICO Platform?

Although initial coin offerings have become a lot more popular over the past six months, they are not necessarily decentralized. All sales occur through a centralized website, which often creates problems and leads to scam attempts. Decentralizing the concept of an ICO is not all that easy, but the Komodo team is working to do exactly that. Now would be a good time to take a closer look at how their “dICO” …
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