Komodo Delays Monaize Public dICO Launch Due to GUI Discrepancy

The Monaize public dICO launch has been delayed. This ecosystem is backed by the Komodo infrastructure, and it seems some problems arose during a recent stress test. 

Monaize dICO Postponed

It is always good to see developers acknowledge their project may not be without flaws. When issues arise, teams need to address them immediately, rather than launch a half-baked project regardless. Even though Monaize recently underwent a public testing round, no real problems were detected at that time. During an internal stress test, however, the team noticed some troubleshooting issues with the GUI.

One has to keep in mind the Monaize project runs on top of the Komodo infrastructure. This technology has been thoroughly tested, as thousands of atomic swaps have been pushed through it successfully. More specifically, over 3,000 cross-chain transactions were performed without any issues, either on the technical or graphical side of things. This makes it all the more strange that the actual stress test brought some things to light which remained unknown until then.

It is evident cross-chain atomic swaps are the future of cryptocurrency. Although it remains to be seen how this will all play out, it is an interesting business model worth pursuing. During the stress test in question, a high load was put through the Komodo network. Despite using various hardware setups, operating systems, and configurations, there were some irregularities to be noted. The back end itself did not report any problems, which is the most important point to keep in mind right now.

At the same time, the developers have acknowledged it was a lucky break these issues came to light when they did. More specifically, without help from the community, the problem would have remained undiscovered for quite some time. This could have affected the dICO solution itself, which would have been rather cumbersome. Stress-testing new infrastructure is always necessary, to say the very least.

Although this is a bit of a setback, the Monaize team plans to go ahead with its mission of delivering a seamless experience for both tech-savvy and novice users alike. This can only be achieved by postponing the dICO launch until the new application is fully stable for all users. It is unclear how much of a delay we are talking about, though, as it could be anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks. Optimizing the dICO app before releasing it to the public is of the utmost importance.

For the time being, the dICO platform will remain in public beta until these problems are resolved. There is a new bounty opportunity for anyone who assists in testing this solution and ensuring it is stable for others to use. It is good to see an ICO project do its work properly and not release some half-assed solution to investors and the community. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both Komodo and Monaize, as they are looking to bring atomic swaps one step closer to reality.