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Are Developing Nations Really Warming up to Crypto Assets?

There have always been questions as to who is buying cryptocurrencies and for which specific purpose. In undeveloped countries, the adoption of crypto assets is progressing rather quickly, according to a new report.  For years now, people have claimed how Bitcoin can transform Arica in terms of finance. Crypto Adoption in Developing Nations For equally as long, there has been little to no evidence of crypto adoption across that continent. …
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Developing Nations Show A Great Appetite For Payment Card Acceptance

In the world of finance, there always seem to be some very strange evolutionary trends. Developing markets, which have an excellent opportunity to skip traditional payment methods altogether, somehow are flocking to payment cards. In this day and age of mobile device usage, that seems like an odd choice, but is it that strange of a development? Developing Regions Favor Card Payments Whenever a nation starts showing signs of development, …
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