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BTCWare Ransomware Master Decryption Key has Been Made Public

During these trying times of Bitcoin ransomware, it is good to know some threats are nullified in the end. BTCWare, a lesser-known type of Bitcoin ransomware, can now be decrypted free of charge. For an unknown reason, the master key has been released to the public. This allowed researchers to reverse engineer the ransomware and ensure all BTCWare victims will not have to worry about paying the ransom. BTCWare Is …
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CTB-Locker Sends Decryption Keys Over Bitcoin Blockchain

An interesting article has surfaced on PC World, which details how Bitcoin ransomware infections through CTB-Locker can be solved by looking at Bitcoin transactions. Or to be more precise, that would be the most positive outcome as this malware apparently stores decryption keys within the metadata of Bitcoin transactions. Also read: ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Reveals Hack Was an Inside Job A New Way To Crack CTB-Locker? CTB-Locker has proven …
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