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Bill Gates States Cryptocurrency “Has Caused Deaths in a Fairly Direct Way”

On Tuesday, Microsoft co-founder and avid philanthropist Bill Gates participated in an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, where users of the site present questions on any topic for the billionaire to answer. Among questions of coding semantics and peanut butter sandwiches, one Redditor asked for Gates’ opinion on cryptocurrency. Redditor /u/Askur1337 asked Gates for his take on cryptocurrencies, to which Gates provided several sentences explaining why he has adopted an unsupportive approach …
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Ponzi Scheme BitConnect Plummets 90%

For naive investors who invested in BitConnect (BCC), today featured an exponentially bigger loss than the general cryptocurrency downtrend. After discontinuing its “lending” program, BCC instantly plummeted over 90% from the day’s high, dropping from over US$330 to a low of just under US$20. While most of the community had warned about the blatant scam represented by BitConnect’s lending program, the Ponzi still rose to a market cap of almost US$3 …
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