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Bitcoin Price Watch: Things Looking Up from Here?

Bitcoin has gained back the $200 it lost yesterday. At press time, the currency is trading for just under $7,100. Nothing huge, but that’s still better than yesterday’s “high” of $6,900. The major sentiment is that the alleged death cross has failed; bitcoin’s level of resistance has strengthened, and the low points are possibly over and done with. One source suggests that bitcoin’s ongoing slumps may finally be at an …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Slumps to New Monthly Low

Another drop is in the books, and bitcoin is hovering at a monthly low of approximately $7,400. While predictions remain relatively varied, some believe that bitcoin may be heading towards a “death cross,” and that the price could drop to new levels before any serious recovery is experienced. First and foremost, a death cross occurs when an asset’s short-term average sinks lower than its long-term average. Sadly, this has occurred …
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Bitcoin Technical Analysis for 03/08/16 – The Plot Thickens

The Bitcoin market is never boring and this past week didn’t disappoint with the flash crash to $380. The price has since rebounded and Bitcoin is currently trading at $414. One of the main factors which undeniably contributed to the price slump is Bitcoin’s transaction backlog which occurred around March 3rd. Also Read: Monero Technical Analysis for 03/07/2016 – Price Trapped Between Pivot Zones Last week the network got flooded with spam transaction, …
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