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What Is Dentacoin?

It has become painfully obvious that there will never be one cryptocurrency used for all daily tasks. While many people still hold out hope that Bitcoin will fill that role, it seems highly unlikely. As such, there also won’t be one blockchain to cater to all users. Dentacoin illustrates that point exactly by providing a distributed ledger ecosystem specifically for the global dental industry. What is Dentacoin’s Market? By providing …
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The Deceptive Nature of Market Capitalization

Market capitalization, for new and old investors alike, represents a deceptively complex figure. While many suggest that market cap is the proper way to determine the overall value of a coin, the value displayed by a coin’s market cap is a number that can and is easily manipulated by savvy and often unethical development teams. When inexperienced investors mistakenly base valuations off of a coin’s price per unit, most investors will …
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Dentacoin Token Is Supported on Five Exchanges Even Before ICO

Dentacoin is the leading cryptocurrency and review platform for the dental industry in Europe. The implications of its innovation will be monumental and global in scale. Even before its ICO, the token is already listed on five different exchanges. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for Dentacoin, traders, and the dentistry industry as a whole. Trading Even Before the ICO It is no small feat that Dentacoin was able …
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