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Dream Market Makes Surprising Return, Integrates Bitcoin Cash

One of the last things one would have expected to see is darknet markets embrace Bitcoin Cash payments. Lo and behold, that is exactly what has happened over at the Dream marketplace. After completing their scheduled maintenance, the team decided to add a Bitcoin Cash payment option. This is a very strange decision, given the lack of privacy and anonymity associated with this currency. Dream Market is Back With Bitcoin Cash …
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Aero Aims to Become a Monero-First Darknet Market Rather Than Rely on Bitcoin

Darknet marketplaces will still be around long after some of the major players in this space are shut down. With AlphaBay gone, there is a huge void waiting to be filled, as neither Hansa nor Dream could make any major impact. Whether or not Aero will perform differently remains to be seen. However, the latter’s acceptance of Monero alongside Bitcoin – rather than ZCash or Dash – has a lot of people excited right now. Aero …
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