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OpenBazaar Struggles with Bitcoin Fees, CyberMiles Launches Crypto-Only Marketplace with Zero Transaction Fees

Washington Sanchez, co-founder of the well-known decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar, recently expressed his frustration over the high fees associated with Bitcoin (BTC) transactions. On May 4, Sanchez tweeted, “I personally wasted so much time in the Bitcoin scaling civil war that I could have used designing/building dapps and opening up OpenBazaar to multiple currencies. Instead, we had to wait for fees to cripple any consumer usage before we woke up.” Since …
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CyberMiles Launches Blockchain for E-Commerce That’s Compatible with Ethereum but Faster and More Secure

The Ethereum blockchain has become known as the platform of choice for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. The open-source nature of Ethereum, along with its ease of development, has made it possible for cryptocurrency startups to build smart contracts, create decentralized autonomous apps (DApps), and launch new cryptocurrencies with relative ease. Unfortunately, like most new technologies, the Ethereum blockchain has its share of problems. While there was early praise for the technical innovations of …
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CyberMiles and the Implementation of CMT with 5miles

Many cryptocurrency users clamor for a marketplace like Google or Amazon to start adopting a specific coin. This method of adoption could lead to more legitimacy of a given coin. But such a method of adoption would process under a centralized force. Using blockchain to ameliorate supply chains would also maintain a centralized structure. A truly decentralized marketplace for the masses has eluded the crypto space for some while. Blockchain …
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