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Borders and Customs: Do You Need to Declare Your Crypto?

When arriving in the United States – and most other countries – customs officials often ask that travelers fill out a form to declare various items. Most of this is to try and catch various contraband items, unapproved foods, and exotic (dangerous to native ecosystems) animals from entering the country. However, these forms also ask about carrying certain amounts of money. This begs the question: if you have a mobile client or a hardware wallet, do …
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Hong Kong Customs Worry Over Quadrupling Drug Shipments In Recent Years

Although more and more people are buying and reselling drugs from the darknet, smuggling narcotics remains very popular as well. Hong Kong Customs have noticed an increase in the number of drugs being imported and exported as of late. Some of this may have to do with darknet sales, but for now, that has not been confirmed. Hong Kong Customs Are On High Alert Comparing the amount of drugs being …
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