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Will The New Australian Financial Cyber Unit Focus On Bitcoin?

The Australian government has unveiled its plans to create a new cyber intelligence unit to take on terrorist financing and money laundering. To be more precise, this new unit will primarily target online payment methods, to reduce fraud. But it is not unlikely they will keep a close eye on Bitcoin as well. AUSTRAC Has Big Plans For Online Payment Fraud With online payment fraud and money laundering on the …
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Australian Government Releases Response on Digital Currency & FinTech Regulations

The Australian Government has released a 5-page report detailing its response to the recommendations made by the Australian Senate Economics References Committee last year, which called for all digital currency exchanges within the country to be brought under existing anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist finance (CTF) regulations. The Senate Committee’s report also recommended that digital currencies should be treated as traditional fiat currencies for the purpose of eliminating double-taxation under …
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