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Security Researcher Provides Free Decryption of CTB-Faker Ransomware

Once again, there is a new type of ransomware in town, which shows a lot of similarities with the once feared CTB-Locker malware strain. However, this tool does something differently, as it uses WinRAR to lock data in password-protected zip files. This is an interesting take on file encryption, although it may not be as worrisome as people may think at first glance. CTB-Faker Ransomware Is A Different Breed Throughout …
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CTB-Locker Sends Decryption Keys Over Bitcoin Blockchain

An interesting article has surfaced on PC World, which details how Bitcoin ransomware infections through CTB-Locker can be solved by looking at Bitcoin transactions. Or to be more precise, that would be the most positive outcome as this malware apparently stores decryption keys within the metadata of Bitcoin transactions. Also read: ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Reveals Hack Was an Inside Job A New Way To Crack CTB-Locker? CTB-Locker has proven …
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