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Sumokoin Will Hard Fork to Remain Bitmain ASIC-Resistant

Ever since Bitmain unveiled its CryptoNight ASIC miner, there has been a growing effort to make this hardware impossible to use. Known as the Fairmining initiative, more and more currencies are deliberately changing their algorithms to prevent Bitmain’s ASIC from making much of an impact. Sumokoin is the latest currency to make the much-needed switch in this regard. The new SumoKoin Algorithm It is commendable to see so many cryptocurrencies take notice …
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Bitmain Announces the Antminer X3, a CryptoNight ASIC Miner

There is never a boring day in the world of cryptocurrency. Something new happens every day, even though not everyone will like every new development. In the case of Bitmain, the company is hopping on the CryptoNight ASIC mining bandwagon. Its most recent unit, known as the Antminer X3, will certainly be of great interest to a lot of people. Why The Antminer X3 Matters Anyone who has been involved in cryptocurrency …
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Baikal Hints at New Mining Units for CryptoNight Currencies

It has become evident that a lot can change in the world of cryptocurrency. Many people assume certain algorithms are safe from ASIC mining, but things often turn out in a surprising manner. CryptoNight currencies, for example, may soon be subject to a “mega” miner developed by Baikal. Assuming, that is, that the information disseminated on social media can be trusted. What is the Baikal Giant N? Many readers may have already heard …
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