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FBI Warns Crypto Users of Potential Coronavirus Scams

The coronavirus crisis has yielded some very interesting situations, albeit not all of them will be beneficial. Especially when it comes to scams pertaining to cryptocurrencies, the FBI is growing concerned. It is interesting to see the FBI pay close attention to what is going on in the cryptocurrency space. More Coronavirus Scams are Likely  In fact, it would appear that the agency wants to warn people about impending scams …
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BitConnect Plaintiff Claims Founders Are Associated with OneCoin

Lawsuits filed in the US last week against BitConnect’s promoters and executives have been released to the public. The identities of the individuals behind the alleged Ponzi scheme including director Glenn Arcaro were revealed, and several plaintiffs have claimed that the founders of OneCoin, another large-scale Ponzi scheme, were involved with BitConnect. Several lawsuits filed earlier this month suggested that Glen Arcaro practically ran the Ponzi scheme as its director of US promotions, …
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