FBI Warns Crypto Users of Potential Coronavirus Scams

The coronavirus crisis has yielded some very interesting situations, albeit not all of them will be beneficial. Especially when it comes to scams pertaining to cryptocurrencies, the FBI is growing concerned.

It is interesting to see the FBI pay close attention to what is going on in the cryptocurrency space.

More Coronavirus Scams are Likely 

In fact, it would appear that the agency wants to warn people about impending scams pertaining to the coronavirus.

This is a welcome turn of events,a s criminals will exploit any situation.

According to the FBI, there will be a noteworthy rise in coronavirus scams pertaining to cryptocurrencies.

Especially when it comes to investment scams, users need to be on their toes at all times.

This doesn’t mean that existing and proven scamming tactics will take a back seat, however.

The usual HYIPs, Ponzi Schemes, and cloud mining scams will always be a part of this industry.

There is a chance that HYIP and coronavirus-related investment schemes will come together. 

Even work-from-home scams may begin to show up over time, which is rather worrisome.

Any suspicious offers and services need to be reported to the right instances as soon as possible.

Cryptocurrency holders need to protect themselves from any potential scams at all times, which is often easier said than done.