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Australian and UK Government Websites Ran Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

Various websites have integrated cryptocurrency mining code on their platforms in the past few months. Some companies are rather open about it, whereas others have done so in a rather sneaky manner. Moreover, it seems some sites contain such code because other people hacked their backends and made unauthorized changes in the process. Various Australian government websites have suffered such hacks, by the look of things. Hackers Target Government Websites It is evident there is …
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uBlock Origin Developers Take Steps to Block Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts

It has become rather evident that embedding cryptocurrency mining scripts in web pages can be a very lucrative business. The Pirate Bay recently experimented with such a script to potentially replace its ad revenue model. However, this technology can also be used for far more nefarious purposes. uBlock Origin, one of the world’s most famous ad blockers, has built in a feature that blocks these mining scripts altogether. Web-based Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts are …
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