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High Interest Rates on Cryptocurrency Loans are not Sustainable

One peculiar trend in the cryptocurrency industry is how crypto loans can become very lucrative. A lot of platforms and services now offer interest rates of up to 10% for specific currencies and assets. Although this gets many people excited, one has to openly question how sustainable this business model really is.  Establishing Interest Rates The cryptocurrency lending business model is not that different from a bank loan. People are …
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Top 7 Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms in 2019

Most cryptocurrency users are not in this industry for the technology, but rather to make money. Achieving that last part may prove somewhat challenging, especially if one doesn’t like to trade cryptocurrencies back and forth. Cryptocurrency lending platforms have always been rather interesting to keep an eye on in this regard. The following platforms all provide this service, albeit it is advised users conduct their own research first and foremost. …
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