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Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2019 (US Friendly Bitcoin Exchanges)

Last Updated: May 1st, 2019 When someone is first introduced to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, one of the first services they interact with is an exchange. In order to experience the beauty of Bitcoin, you first must acquire it. There are a number of ways of getting your hands on some crypto, but the easiest method is by far signing up to an exchange and purchasing it with fiat. Also Read:¬†Top …
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What Is BridgeCoin?

With so many different cryptocurrencies and blockchains in existence, a rather uneasy situation is created. While every individual ecosystem has the right to exist, it is evident communication between all of these projects is something worth pursuing as well. This is why BridgeCoin was created, as it will bridge the gap between¬†various cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the native BridgeCoin currency will help realize the blockchain revolution so many people are waiting for. …
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