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Does Binance Even Have a Headquarter These Days?

To this day, no one really knows where the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is headquartered. If Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has any say in the matter, it will remain like that for quite some time to come. There are many questions as to where Binance’s official offices are located exactly. The Binance Mystery Deepens The world’s biggest crypto exchange has set up operations across many different countries in recent years. …
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Fidelity International Acquires a Stake in a Major Asian Crypto Exchange

Digital asset platforms have proven to be of great interest to financial service providers. Even Fidelity International is getting in on the action.  The investment management firm has acquired a relatively big stake in OSL. Fidelity International Makes its Move That latter company is a major digital asset platform in Asia, primarily catering to professional investors. It is believed that a total sum of just over $14 million is involved …
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