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Various Bitcoin ATM’s destroyed in US localities

Shocking news to the die-hard fans of cryptocurrency. Three vandals were presented to the law for destroying Bitcoin ATMs located in the USA. A long term operation with the objective of harming the companies that use this exchange system was discovered. One of the companies was forced to pay money to the criminals in order to preserve their machines. Authorities were able to corroborate that the alleged offenders, Alvin Konja, Andrew …
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Hackers Now use IoT Devices As Proxies For Remote Credential Testing

The Internet of Things holds great merit and future potential for creating a smarter and more automated ecosystem. Unfortunately, these Internet-connected devices have one fatal weakness: security. Hackers can easily hijack thousands of DVRs, CCTV cameras, and networking devices to test stolen login information from various sources. This makes it nearly impossible to find the people responsible for the theft and these hacking attempts. Using IoT Devices To Check Stolen …
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Bitcoin Wrongfully Accused of Involvement in Spanish Money Laundering Scheme

Bitcoin keeps making headlines all over the world these days, albeit not always in a positive manner. Several people in Spain have been arrested for laundering money through cryptocurrency. Pay TV Money Laundering In Spain According to Spanish police sources, 30 people had been arrested earlier today on grounds of money laundering. All of the suspects were distributing pay television content in exchange for a payment. The funds generated through …
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