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A Simple Guide to Cross-Chain Projects such as Cosmos, Polkadot, and EKT

Author: Yi Lu, editor-in-chief & co-founder of SV Insight Cross-chain technology has become a hot topic this year. Both Cosmos and Polkadot have attracted a lot of attention. On the other hand, EKT is one of the few original cross-chain projects in China. Its main feature is “multi-chain and multi-consensus, one main cryptocurrency per chain”. How to understand multi-chain and cross-chain technologies? What is the difference between EKT and other …
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What Is Cosmos?

Although many different blockchains exist to serve different purposes, interoperability between these networks will remain a problematic venture for some time to come. Whether or not Cosmos will be able to make a major impact in this regard remains to be seen. The project is designed to build an internet of blockchains, although that challenge may be far steeper than originally assumed. Cosmos Wants to Connect Blockchains It is commendable …
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