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Bitcoin Cash Price Undergoes Steep Correction After Solid Gains Last Week

Today may prove to be somewhat of a difficult day for most cryptocurrencies. After nearly 10 days of solid upward momentum, the bearish pressure is forming quickly. A few currencies are still in the green whereas others are bleeding value. The Bitcoin Cash price, for example, has quickly lost 13.5% in value, which is still somewhat surprising. How low this price will go in the coming hours, remains difficult to …
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Bitcoin Price Hits $9,400 as Bearish Pressure Intensifies

It has been a long time coming, but the Bitcoin price has dropped firmly below US$10,000 again. Many people thought we were out of the woods last week, but the real price correction had yet to take place. As a result, we are now looking at a Bitcoin price of just US$9,500, and it seems the bottom is not yet in sight. It would not be unlikely to see the …
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Following Weekend Pullback, Cryptocurrency Prices Continue to Dip

We’re a week out from the largest correction the cryptocurrency market has seen since the Mt. Gox crash, and it looks like the market still isn’t done playing possum. Prices continued to bleed on Monday after a weekend dip that had most coins down from their 24-hour highs. As crypto’s total market cap flirts with the US$500 billion threshold, you may be wondering, “Is last week’s correction still in full swing?” …
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