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How to Sign a Contract with a Broker?

When starting your Forex trading, you choose a broker and sign a service contract. Only a few traders read this document, because they consider this step as a mere formality. However, some of the conditions specified in this document may change your decision to cooperate with this brokerage company after their detailed study. Brokers often do not allow the the withdrawal of funds, due to terms of contract; it occurs …
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What Are The Roles of DAO Contractors and Curators?

DAOs are virtual entities that pool resources together in a decentralized and democratic fashion, but after all, they are merely computer programs, so how do they interact with the physical world? Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, a concept that has been recently on everybody’s minds. We have been covering the news and events of the first DAO to be ever released, The DAO has received 10.5 Million Eth at the time of writing this …
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Paul Vernon signs a contract to recover stolen coins for a 13% fee

It first started on twitter when a user by the handle @cryptcracker1 sent a few messages to Paul Vernon – the CEO of the now defunct altcoin exchange Cryptsy. The user claimed that he knew who stole and coins and would be able to recover them for a 13% fee. At first the user suggested a 30% fee, but it looks like Mr. Vernon was able to negotiate it down …
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