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Kraken Contest Results are in: Invest in Bitcoins, But Don’t Disregard Ethereum

There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies out there, each one with their own use case, market capitalization, and user base. Virtually anyone with the right skill-set can create their own currency. The open nature of crypto and its FOSS philosophy makes it easy for people to adopt it or invest in it. The hard part of launching a cryptocurrency is gathering adoption from the public. The cryptocurrency space has always …
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Ethereum-based Projects Received Prizes from Blockchain Startup Contest

The year 2016 has been kind for Blockchain startups, as the rise of Ethereum and the advancement of other protocols have resulted in the inception of new projects to tackle use cases.  In addition, an event organized by the BlockchainHub of the city of Graz just gave rewards for innovative solutions in the sector.  BlockchainHub is a network of “decentralized” hubs around the world that organize workshops, conferences, meetups and other …
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Ether.Camp announces their annual contest for building the future Ethereum, blockchain-based applications

While Ethereum has grown significantly during the last couple of months, organizations such as Ether.Camp are still doing their best to further increase exposure for Ethereum-based projects. With this in mind, Ether.Camp, the well-known contact analysis tool provider and block explorer has just announced the launch of their second ever, annual hackathon. For those who do not know, Ether.Camp offers a collection of tools meant for the Ethereum protocol, including …
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