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The Congressional Facebook Testimony Is a Lesson in Agency, Responsibility, and Education

The recent Facebook congressional hearings on the (mis)handling of customer data has impassioned many of its users. The hearings themselves made a few things clear, and the public response shined light on a growing trend in a blockchain world: people want greater control over their data. Congressional Facebook Testimony Underscores Need for Blockchain Technology The facts are these: Facebook makes its money through ads, and those ads are worth more money if …
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New Senate Bill Aims To Restrict Tor Access For Illicit Activities

Saying how we live in a very strange world would be the understatement of the year. A new US Senate bill wants to ensure “bad people” can’t use solutions like Tor. Whether or not this means everyone else can keep using it, is anybody’s guess. For quite some time, everyone who used Tor was deemed to be an extremist. Weeding Out The Bad Guys Using Tor It becomes apparent from …
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