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XPay Brings Crypto Payments to Colombia and Venezuela

The financial situation in Venezuela continues to evolve in interesting directions. While Bitcoin is still frowned upon in the country, it is also becoming more common. XPay, a cryptocurrency payment processor, is now offering its services in Colombia and Venezuela. As such, pharmaceutical goods can now be purchased with Bitcoin, assuming people are willing to give this method a chance. A Bold Move by XPay Latin and South American countries …
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Bitcoin Tour Colombia 2016: Venezuelans and Colombians Met to Learn About Bitcoin’s Benefits

This past Saturday, August 27th Bitcoin Tour Colombia held its first event in Cucuta, it was part of a series that were organized across several cities including Bogota, Medellin and concluding in Cucuta located in the north of the border with Venezuela. This initiative was formed by a collaboration of diverse local Bitcoiners lead by Arley Lozano (Vakano) who is a passionate fan of Bitcoin who was inspired by his …
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Coinapult Brings Bitcoin Purchase Option To Colombian Punto Pago Kiosks

Buying Bitcoin in Colombia has become a lot easier all of a sudden. Coinapult, a company well-known in the Bitcoin world, has come up with a solution to buy Bitcoin in-store at over 300 locations. Over-the-counter sales of Bitcoin are a great way to raise more awareness for the cryptocurrency; that much is certain. More Over-The-Counter Bitcoin Sales in Colombia Coinapult has been on a mission to bring Bitcoin to …
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