Coinapult Brings Bitcoin Purchase Option To Colombian Punto Pago Kiosks

Buying Bitcoin in Colombia has become a lot easier all of a sudden. Coinapult, a company well-known in the Bitcoin world, has come up with a solution to buy Bitcoin in-store at over 300 locations. Over-the-counter sales of Bitcoin are a great way to raise more awareness for the cryptocurrency; that much is certain.

More Over-The-Counter Bitcoin Sales in Colombia

Coinapult has been on a mission to bring Bitcoin to as many places as possible. Colombia is one region where bitcoin could have a significant impact. The country is plagued by inflation, and investors are looking for ways to diversify their portfolio. Bitcoin, with the upcoming halving on the horizon, presents an interesting investment vehicle for sure.

Punto Pago kiosks in Colombia are the new place to buy Bitcoin over-the-counter. These kiosks are equipped with automated machines which include a Bitcoin buying option. ┬áSimilar to how most Bitcoin ATM’s work, customers can pay with Colombian Pesos. They will also require an email address for verification.

All of the Bitcoin prices are displayed in Colombian peso, and the customer will receive a receipt once the transaction has been completed. The reason why an email address is required is due to the delivery method of the cryptocurrency. It appears as if customers will receive a redeemable code via email, from which they can claim their coins.

Giving consumers convenient access to buy cryptocurrency is an excellent way to raise more awareness. Colombia is one of these countries where cash is used relatively often, and converting the Colombian Peso to Bitcoin will alleviate some of the concerns consumers may have regarding the value of their money.

Bitcoin has potential to increase in value over time, making it a solid investment choice for most users. However it is important to keep in mind Bitcoin is a long-term investment, Even the upcoming Bitcoin halving may not have an immediate effect on the price moving forward.

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