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Coinfield CEO Claims Ripple’s XRP is Better than Ethereum

Everyone in the cryptocurrency industry is entitled to their own opinion. Even when they claim how Ripple’s XRP is better than Ethereum in many different ways. This rather unusual statement was uttered by Coinfield CEO Bob Ras during an interview not that long ago. XRP is Very Different From Ethereum He clearly stated how “XRP is better than Ethereum”, for a wide variety of reasons. This statement is not entirely …
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CoinField Becomes an XRP Validator and Hitns as Mystery XRPL Project

The numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world need to find ways to stand out from one another. In the case of CoinField, the company has come up with an interesting approach. They now run an official XRP validator, and another new system in the world to promote the use of Ripple’s technology. It is uncommon to see exchanges be so outspoken about supporting one asset, but it isn’t necessarily …
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Canada’s CoinField Exchange to Add Ten Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Canada is quickly becoming a very popular┬ácountry for cryptocurrency activity. Not only is there a growing interest in setting up mining operations there, but the competition among trading platforms is heating up as well. CoinField, one of the local exchanges, has big expansion plans for 2018. CoinField Goes big in Canada One has to acknowledge that there is very little information out there regarding cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada. A few …
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