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Coince Increases Withdrawal Time And Stops Paying Out Users

Although we have warned people about various Bitcoin scams in the past, people are still surprised when these companies stop paying their users. Coince used to have a lot of appeal, as they advertised on some of the biggest crypto news sites. But as was to be expected, their pyramid scheme could not go on forever. Curtain Call For Coince Users Any Ponzi scheme in the Bitcoin world will run …
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Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Coince

Now that HashOcean has left the Bitcoin cloud mining scene- and a lot of user funds with it – people are looking for new alternatives. Interestingly enough, they are not looking for the services they know will pay over an extended period of time. Bitcoin cloud mining is not about a quick ROI, as it can take up to a year or more to break even. However, Coince is promising …
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Coince Review

Coince is another Bitcoin cloud mining company, although it is a stretch too far to call them an obvious scam. While there certain warnings regarding any business openly advertising cloud mining these days, this platform seems rather legitimate. However, one can never be sure as to how long these programs last. Also read: Escrowmybits Review When looking at the Coince website, it becomes clear the people behind this platform have …
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