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Coince is another Bitcoin cloud mining company, although it is a stretch too far to call them an obvious scam. While there certain warnings regarding any business openly advertising cloud mining these days, this platform seems rather legitimate. However, one can never be sure as to how long these programs last.

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When looking at the Coince website, it becomes clear the people behind this platform have put a lot of effort into creating a professional design. Some people might argue there is too much information on the website, although everything seems organized neatly. Moreover, there is a lot of contract information to be found on the website itself, rather than having to sort through menus and whatnot.

While the website also provides a lot of statistics, there is a serious question as to how official these numbers are. Statements such as having over 200,000 clients around the world seem a bit much, Additionally, the company claims to offer some interesting returns, at the rate of close to 2% per day. This number seems rather high and does not vary based on the amount of money invested.

It is nice to see Coince offering different solutions for potential customers, though. Either investors can pay for Bitcoin cloud mining through a contract or they can host the miner at the company’s location for a minor fee. Do keep in mind that using the contract mining option is subject to power costs and pool fees, which will be deducted from daily earnings.

Browsing through the various menus will tell potential investors how Coince has regional representatives in different countries, such as the United States, Cambodia, and Germany. Representatives have their full name, phone number, and Skype ID listed on the website, which is a good way to build a trust relationship.

Last but not least, there is a three-tier affiliate program for Coince users to take advantage of. Depending on how “deep” the referral is, affiliates will earn between1% and 5% of their deposit. Becoming a representative is possible as well, which will yield slightly higher commission?¬†Royal affiliate bonuses are a warning sign of MLM schemes, though, especially when combined with Bitcoin cloud mining.

Coince has their company address and phone number listed on the website, which is a welcome change. Moreover, there is no negative review to be found about this company anywhere, which seems to indicate they are paying users on time. That being said, always do your own research and never invest more money than you can afford to lose.


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