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Security for the Blockchain: Exclusive Interview with Trail of Bits Founder and CEO Dan Guido

Too often, we’ve made incorrect assumptions about our security. Fraudulent charges are covered by our credit card protections, while the FDIC protects our bank accounts. When the entire financial system collapsed mostly due to the subprime mortgage lending industry, we assumed we’d be okay again, and the government bailed out the banks. We should never take our security for granted, and this is especially true when it comes to blockchain …
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What are Bug Bounties?

Recently Google has upped their bounties in their YouTube, Blogger, and Google domains from $20,000 to $30,000 for identifying and remedying bugs in their code. This is a 50% increase, which is massive. There is also an added bonus of $1,337, which appears to only serve as homage to early hacker and “leet” culture online. The reason for the raise, Google says, is that high level security risks have become …
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US Tech Companies Will Have to Share Their Source Code with Chinese Authorities

Information Security is a topic that has taken the spotlight in the technology sector. Companies and governments are becoming increasingly wary of their surroundings, but China has stepped up the game; the Country will request US tech companies to show them their source code to “make sure” there aren’t any backdoors. A new legislation is causing headaches for US technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Intel. The law is a …
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