Tag: Climate Change

Geneva Airport Aims to Replace 1% of Kerosene With Renewable Fuel

The way we think about planes will come to change sooner or later, particularly in terms of the resources needed to fly them. Big things are on the horizon right now in Europe,¬†where the current plan is to make planes run on animal fat and vegetable oil. That’s a rather ambitious goal, to say the least, even though the approach is more than valid. Different Fuel Sources for European Planes …
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Harvest Project Mines ZCash to Fund Climate Change Research

It does not happen all that often that we see digital currency and renewable energies come together in a tangible form. While climate change is a very real problem, it is likely not something cryptocurrency can solve directly. However, the Harvest project challenges this notion. This project uses a wind turbine to mine the ZCash cryptocurrency. It is an interesting concept that warrants a closer look. The Harvest Project Mines …
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