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SafeBrowse Chrome Extension Mines Cryptocurrency Without User Consent

The topic of in-browser cryptocurrency mining will not go away anytime soon. There are quite a few instances where mining Monero trumps displaying traditional ads. It all comes down to giving users the opportunity to enable or disable this feature. The popular SafeBrowse Chrome extension did not give users this choice, as the feature is automatically enabled. SafeBrowse Mines Monero Without Consent Many┬ácompanies are now showing an interest in the …
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Nefarious Developer Buys up Abandoned Chrome Extensions and Injects Them With Adware

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers around the world. This application works on computers, phones, and tablets. Unfortunately, it is also often targeted by criminals looking to do harm to internet users. In a new effort, malicious developers are buying up abandoned Chrome extensions and turning them into adware projects Old Chrome Extensions are at Risk An unidentified company is extending various financial offers to developers …
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Jaxx Releases Chrome Extension For Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Jaxx wallet developer team has reached another milestone; as the team is working hard to make good on their promise to create a cross-device ecosystem for Bitcoin and Ethereum owners. After the Android wallet was released a few days ago, ┬áthe developers have unveiled their Chrome Extension a few hours ago as well. More wallets and supported platforms are coming in the next two weeks as well. Also read: …
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