Jaxx Releases Chrome Extension For Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Jaxx wallet developer team has reached another milestone; as the team is working hard to make good on their promise to create a cross-device ecosystem for Bitcoin and Ethereum owners. After the Android wallet was released a few days ago,  the developers have unveiled their Chrome Extension a few hours ago as well. More wallets and supported platforms are coming in the next two weeks as well.

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The Jaxx Chrome Extension

TheMerkle_Jaxx Chrome Extension

Rather than offering a standard web wallet, the Jaxx team wanted to do something entirely different by putting the end user in full control of their funds at all time. By developing a Chrome Extension, Bitcoin and Ethereum holders can now access their funds through the world’s most popular Internet browser.

What makes the Jaxx Chrome Extension so interesting is how it will be able to automatically detect Ethereum and Bitcoin addresses on-page, making it far easier to transfer funds or make payments. Removing the need to log into a web wallet by a third party service provider is a big step in the right direction, as far too many wallet providers hold on to consumer funds.

Jaxx does the exact opposite, as they are not touching consumer funds during any of the steps. Additionally, all of the security precautions are client-side, and private keys are hosted locally on the computer or device used to access the Chrome Extension. After all, the primary goal of this Chrome extension is to provide a straightforward and convenient wallet solution to users around the world, without friction.

Additionally, this Chrome Extension offers a lot of similar features compared to the Android wallet which was released a few days ago. The Extension uses the same Hierarchical Deterministic wallet structure for Bitcoin addresses and a single key pair for Ethereum purposes. HD support for ETH will be coming in the future, once Ethereum developers activate the option.

Furthermore, switching between both currencies is quite easy, as everything can be done within the same Chrome Extension window. Furthermore, this Chrome Extension offers Jaxx users the option to pair their existing wallets between devices, as it is the second unified wallet solution available to enthusiasts all over the world.

Do keep in mind the Jaxx Chrome Extension is a beta release, just like the Android wallet. Users are advised not to store large amounts of funds in either wallet solution for the time being until a final release becomes available.

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