Tag: China’s ICO Ban

China State News Hints at Bitcoin Exchange Licensing, Resumed Crypto Trading

The Chinese government appears to be preparing for resumed cryptocurrency trading in the near future through the implementation of licensing programs and anti-money laundering (AML) systems. China state news agency Xinhua recently issued a statement denouncing cryptocurrency, labeling it a tool used by members of criminal organizations to facilitate illegal activities. The state-endorsed editorial piece by reporter Pan Ye advocates a “zero tolerance” approach to cryptocurrency-related crime, but includes a …
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NEO Price Bounces Back to $22 Thanks to 16% Gain Against Bitcoin

With the cryptocurrency markets still trying to find their new equilibrium, there isn’t much positive momentum to speak of right now. The Bitcoin price has been trying to mount a comeback, but all of the major altcoins have been less successful. NEO is one exception to the pattern, as the currency is slowly recovering from yesterday’s losses. After the NEO price nearly collapsed yesterday, we are now looking at a 13.12% rebound. This …
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