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Chilean Bitcoin Exchanges Have Their Bank Accounts Closed for No Reason

The cryptocurrency world is always changing and evolving. Not all of these developments will make a positive impact, though. In Chile, banks are closing the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges and traders alike. This is not a unique development, but it goes to show South America’s wealthiest nation has no love lost for Bitcoin. Chilean Banks Make Their Move In this day and age, it is anything but surprising to learn that …
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Chilean Exchanges Demand ABIF Clarify Its Stance on Cryptocurrency Regulation

The regulatory situation surrounding cryptocurrency is creating a lot of confusion. Very few countries have any active guidelines in this regard, although it seems that will come to change rather soon. Chile’s Association of Banks and Financial Institutions has been asked to take a definitive stance on this particular industry once and for all. How that will play out exactly is anybody’s guess as of right now. Determining the Fate of Cryptocurrency …
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