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President of The Digital Chamber of Commerce Set Up in an Interview

There has been a surge of news articles regarding Blockchain technology adoption, many of these developments focuses on private ledgers and consortium Blockchains. The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) is a trade association pushing for Blockchain adoption and growth-oriented policy making, but a podcast interview with CDC’s president caused some heated discussion.  Blockchain is a word that is increasingly being used more often. Ventures, startups, consortiums and advocacies groups are populating …
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USAA and Microsoft Join Chamber of Digital Commerce

The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), a blockchain advocacy group, announced today that four new companies have joined its ranks; software giant Microsoft; USAA, a financial services company catering to US military servicemen; smart contract blockchain developer Symbiont; blockchain service provider Bloq. Each company will be donating $50,000 to the CDC. This fee gives each company a seat on CDC’s Executive Committee. In April, the CDC launched the Global Blockchain …
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International Blockchain Trade Associations Launch The Global Blockchain Forum

The Chamber of Digital Commerce, along with several other international digital currency/blockchain associations, has announced a new initiative called the Global Blockchain Forum (GBF). The mission statement reads: “Our mission is to develop industry best practices and help shape global regulatory interoperability.” The founding members include New York-based Chamber of Digital Commerce, United Kingdom Digital Currency Association, Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association and the Singapore-based Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and …
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