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IEEE Approves New 5 Gbps Ethernet Standard For Consumer Usage

Speeding up internet connectivity is beneficial to everyone, including Bitcoin users. A new Ethernet standard is in development, which would allow for transfer speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps over standard cables. The IEEE has approved this new standard, which can achieve 5 Gbps Ethernet speeds when using Cat 6 cables. Raising The Bar For Ethernet Speeds As our society evolves, the need for faster Internet connectivity becomes more apparent. …
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Allianz joins forces with Nephila Capital to experiment with blockchain technology

As time passes, more and more companies are beginning to showcase their interest in blockchain technology, thus looking for new ways to take advantage of it. According to recent reports, it seems like Allianz, an international insurer based in Europe has joined forces with Nephila Capital, an investment manager to test out blockchain technology in the case of catastrophe bonds. To put things better into perspective, Catastrophe Bonds, also known …
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