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Carders and Money Launderers Target Airbnb Hosts

Money laundering concerns in any industry are not to be trifled with. It is evident any business model relying on payments is susceptible to such criminal activity. If The Daily Beast is to be believed, Airbnb may have a Russian money laundering problem. That is a rather disturbing development on multiple levels. AirBnB And Money Laundering by Russians It is evident the concept of money laundering has changed dramatically over the past few years. While its …
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Online Credit Card Fraud Risk Increases Due to Russian Online Carding Course

Credit card fraud has always been a problem for digital payments. It has become increasingly easy for criminals to obtain credit card information, either by keylogging user information or by hacking online retailers. It now appears Russian hackers have put together a compendium of sorts which allows anyone to abuse stolen credit card information with relative ease. Making card fraud easier for Russian hackers is the last thing the world needs. …
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Bitcoin Scam Education – Carded Items From Amazon

Although there is no need to remind people of how shady some are on the Internet, this seems to be an opportune time to do so anyway. On the Bitcointalk forums – as well as other places – there are plenty of people who will offer goods or orders from Amazon at a discounted price. While we all want to pay as little as possible for just about everything, any discount …
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