Bitcoin Scam Education – Carded Items From Amazon

Although there is no need to remind people of how shady some are on the Internet, this seems to be an opportune time to do so anyway. On the Bitcointalk forums – as well as other places – there are plenty of people who will offer goods or orders from Amazon at a discounted price. While we all want to pay as little as possible for just about everything, any discount over 10% is almost impossible for just about any item people want to order. Never trust just anyone with your bitcoins, no matter what they might offer in return.

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Don’t Spend Bitcoin On Carded Items From Amazon

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When looking for particular Amazon discounts, there is only so much money one can save by making purchases instantly. However, if it would be up to individual Bitcointalk sellers, they will offer up to 25-35% discount on all Amazon orders, regardless of when the order is being placed. However, this service is usually only available to residents in the United States, which is one of the major downsides.

But at the same time, users should ask themselves as to where these discounts are coming from. No one will sell legitimate Amazon items at such a heavily discounted price to get their hands on Bitcoin, as this is a hefty premium price, to say the least. Granted, users who buy Bitcoin through the platform are paying a premium as well, but hardly ever above 10%.

The main reason people can offer these Amazon goods so cheap is because these goods are not legitimate. Either they are paid for with a stolen credit card – putting the recipient at risk if Amazon would ever ask for a refund as the one receiving the goods is the one who will either have to pay it, or send the goods back.

Even if the order would not be placed on a stolen credit card, it is some other form of scam taking place.Amazon has various programs through which users can claim replacements for individual items, even though these programs are quite easy to abuse by internet criminals as well. Needless to say, Bitcoin users should steer away from these offerings as far as possible.

For those people who want another indication as to why these types of deals should not be trusted, the sellers of this “service” will always need to verify first whether or not they can complete the transaction. That in itself is a clear indication of how illegitimate this scheme is, as there is no reason to “check” anything if it was done through legal means. Additionally, users will usually have to transfer Bitcoin through some external website to “maximize anonymity”, which should not matter all that much, since most orders will come with a receipt detailing the information about the person who paid for the order anyway.

Source: BitcoinTalk

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