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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Hits $8,500

The price of bitcoin has shot up by roughly $300 in the last 24 hours, spiking from its previous $8,200 position. The news marks a massive turn away from the downward spiral bitcoin was enduring just over a week ago, when it’s price stood at a measly $6,600 – approximately 25 percent lower than where it currently sits. Naturally, the next move is for bitcoin to push past the $9,000 …
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Cambridge Analytica Planned to Issue Its Own Currency Through an ICO, Sources Claim

Most people are all too aware of the recent scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. While the breach of user privacy is a grave concern, it seems this particular analytics firm also had some interesting plans in regards to digital currency. More specifically, the company apparently planned to issue its own type of digital currency before this whole Facebook scandal occurred. Cambridge Analytica and Digital Currency It is not entirely surprising …
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